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Tina M Botelho MD

A Charleston native, Dr. Botelho graduated with honors from the College of Charleston in 1996 and attended the Medical University of South Carolina where she received a doctoral degree in 2001 .  Upon completion of residency in Internal Medicine at Greenville Memorial Hospital, she returned to Charleston where she now lives with her family.  She has worked as a partner, an employee, and for the last 12 years as a solo practitioner and owner of Legacy Internal Medicine.  The latter not a pipeline dream of being a business owner, but rather a dedication to doctoring in a way to encourage and empower people to change the course of the life they are blessed to live.   Dr. Botelho spends her free time with her children, pets, and striving to perfect her woodworking skills.  She will be most likely found in her yard planting, replanting, or building some interesting structure from scrap materials.  She is thrifty and frugal in all aspects of life.  Her passion is that of helping people to help themselves, and she strives to help all of her patients achieve success with their physical and mental health by way of their own lifestyle modification.  Pharmacotherapy is sometime unavoidable, and when necessary, the decision to incorporate prescription drugs will be that of the patient with physician guidance.   As of July 2023, we are excited to partner with MDVIP as we continue to preserve the patient physician relationship, autonomy in the practice of medicine, and provide the best personalized quality healthcare.





·         Quest Satellite Draw Station

·         High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

·         Primary and Secondary Heart Disease

·         Peripheral Vascular Disease Prevention

·         Diabetes and Weight Management

·         Menopause and Hormones

·         Depression and Anxiety

·         Erectile Dysfunction

·         Women's Health

·         Physicals

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